We are also well versed in the custom production of glass trophies and awards for sports events, sponsorships or corporate competitions. Objects like these allow the application of a wide variety of glass colours, techniques and finishing methods to produce eye-catching and classy trophies. The use of UV adhesives also means that complex glass objects can be produced using multiple parts. Sandblasting inscriptions and engravings also enables the finest lines in logos and type to be perfectly realised.‚Äč


“Der Lange Atem” journalist award. Crystal glass with coloured glass inclusion. Cast glass, cut and polished by hand. Lettering created using sandblasting technology.

Business glass award

“Faun” business award. Moulded crystal glass block with sandblasted lettering and freely moulded coloured glass rods. Cut, polished and bonded.

Logistic award

Logistics Award for the German Automobile Industry Association. Cast glass in various colours. Cut, polished and bonded. Logo using silkscreen printing. 

Glass award

Freely formed glass award on a marble base. Elaborately cut and polished. Gilded glass ball mounted to a crystal glass pen inside the award.