We can realise extraordinary lighting objects and lamps in traditional and classic designs as well as contemporary light installations by leading artists and designers. Custom-made lamps and lighting objects for all applications – both private and public.

We have been working together with internationally renowned lighting designers, interior designers and lighting manufacturers for years, and they rely on us to provide custom solutions for their lighting projects.


Dienes Friday

Pendant luminaire collections in various colours, sizes and shapes for LIEBLINGSLICHT.

historical glass lamp

Lamp glass for the entrance of the Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth.

Venetian chandelier

Crystal glass chandelier in a modern, stripped-back design. Arms made of coloured glass, intermediate pieces made of cut crystal.

Dienes Friday

“Friday” lamp in crystal glass for Anthologie Quartett.


“Boya” design lamp in grey coloured glass with hole.


Glass lamps

Hanging light “Iris Globe” by Sebastian Scherer NEO/CRAFT in various sizes. Crystal glass, mouth-blown.